who we are

Africa Creative Agency architects a new vision for the business of entertainment on the planet’s second largest continent.

Assembled by a team of esteemed and experienced entrepreneurs with international backgrounds and countless accomplishments throughout media, the firm serves as a conduit between entertainers and brands and the 54 countries comprising Africa. In addition, it provides a platform to elevate African performers and artists into the international spotlight, following global best practices and experiences.

Building on intricate knowledge of the cultural landscape, the company ushers top brands into a new ecosystem, localizing them and introducing them to their next marketplace. By the same token, it breathes life into indigenous brands and significantly expands their reach and presence outside of the continent.

Africa Creative Agency possesses deep knowledge of the terrain with its principals spending the past 15 years cultivating relationships within the continent across brands and governments. They serve as the cultural and creative intersection between Africa and the rest of the world, providing strategy coupled with experience and relationships.

This is the future. This is the new African story. This is Africa Creative Agency.


Maximize talent, fueling expansion throughout Africa and beyond.

Liaise with governments, NGO’s, and brands to forge a foundation for new verticals to flourish.

Draw on familiarity with the cultural geography and longstanding relationships to localize entertainment from Africa and across the globe.


what we do

African Artists

Engage global talent from outside of Africa i.e. North America, Europe, Asia, etc. and forge relationships with African corporations and brands. Currently, outside talent is only engaged from a live perspective. Right now, most entertainers visit the continent, perform live shows, and return home. Their influence is restricted to the live setting. We envision and foster relationships between global talent and African brands. We provide the bridge between entertainers and Africa’s culture. Previous successes include 50 Cent’s Tour of Mozambique and South Africa, which concluded upon his meeting Nelson Mandela.


Engage African talent, building better relationships with local government and extending their brands throughout the continent and ostensibly the globe. Someone like Trevor Noah goes from popularity in South Africa to becoming the face of Comedy Central. We take African talent (actors, musicians, writers, athletes, etc.) and build a platform for them to expand globally. Moreover, we create synergies between African talent and global talent. Previous successes include inviting Ne-Yo to collaborate with Coke Studio Africa. As a result, the R&B superstar recorded a “mega-mashup” with musicians across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, and Nigeria. Upcoming collaborations include Africa’s own Diamond, John Legend, and Ne-Yo.

T.D Jakes

We introduce global brands to the African market, managing integration into the continent. We take concepts and ideas that work in North America, align them with the appropriate partners in Africa, and oversee their institution in the second largest continent. Previous successes include T.D. Jakes Mega Fest in South Africa, introducing Essence Magazine to the continent, the first Essence Music Festival in Durban, and the 2010 World Cup inaugural event.

Steve Harvey

Africa Creative Agency encompasses 20 years of experience within the North American entertainment space coupled with 15 years of experience on the ground in Africa, amassing knowledge of the space and longstanding relationships with the continent’s key decision makers. We know and understand the business and culture of Africa and the U.S. We know what works in Africa and where to go. We’re the bridge between the two.

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